Go & See Bursaries

Funding research trips to inspirational and pioneering arts and heritage sites across the UK

Go See Bursary

The Go and See bursary scheme has been designed to foster connections and support the exchange of skills and knowledge.

By asking everyone who receives a bursary to share and showcase the findings of their research trip, we can all play a part in strengthening Herefordshire's cultural and creative scene.

The scheme is open to groups and individuals, including freelancers, who currently work or volunteer in the arts or heritage sector in Herefordshire.

You can apply for a bursary of between £300 and £500. And you can visit any cultural initiative, group, project or place outside of Herefordshire where you'll pick up skills and knowledge to improve your arts or heritage practice in Herefordshire.

The bursary can only cover travel, accommodation, and the cost of showcasing your findings.

It is essential that you share and showcase what you've learned when you return to Herefordshire

Are you eligible?

You can apply for a Go & See Bursary if you are:

  • An individual who currently works or volunteers for an arts or heritage place, project or initiative in Herefordshire
  • A group that currently works or volunteers for an arts or heritage place, project or initiative in Herefordshire
  • A group that runs an arts or hertiage project or initiative in Herefordshire
  • A Herefordshire-based arts and heritage freelancer and sole trader

Bursaries cannot fund the following:

  • Overseas travel
  • Entry or tickets to conference
  • Trips that have already taken place
  • Requests to pay off loans or deficits
  • Trips that fail to fulfil the requirement of research, learning new skills or knowledge exchange
  • Research trips with no benefit to the arts, heritage and culture scene of Herefordshire

Deadline to apply

Applications will be assessed and shortlisted as they are submitted. Funding will be awarded in:

early April 2019 (apply by 5pm on March 31)

early May 2019 (apply by 5pm on April 30)

early June 2019 (apply by 5pm on May 31)

mid July 2019 (apply by 5pm on June 30)

early September 2019 (apply by 5pm on July 31)

early October 2019 (apply by 5pm on September 30)

early November 2019 (apply by 5pm on October 31)

early December 2019 (apply by 5pm on November 30)

early February 2020 (apply by 5pm on January 17)

early March 2020 (apply by 5pm on February 21)

Everyone who submits an application will receive feedback, and may be invited to attend a focus group on how the bursary supported their project, career or skills base.

How to apply

Before you start, please make sure you've read the Terms & Conditions.

In your application form you will need to tell us:

1. where you want to go 

2. what you want to learn, and

3. how you will showcase and share your findings when you return to Herefordshire

You will need to attach documents that support your budget, for example, an estimate for travel  costs and hotel room rates.

If you are applying on behalf of a project or organisation, you will need to secure permission from the group you represent.


Apply online now

For braille transcription, large print or audio transcription of the bursary criteria, T&Cs or application form please contact the Herefordshire's a Great Place team.

For general support, advice or infomation before you apply for a Go & See Bursary, don't hesitate to contact the Great Place team on 01432 344039 or email greatplace@ruralmedia.co.uk.