Herefordshire Cultural Strategy

This 2019-2029 strategy has been produced by Herefordshire Cultural Partnership and a wide range of arts and heritage groups from across the area. It has been informed by in-depth local consultation, a three-month online survey, an Arts Council funded consultancy, and research into national and international good practice.

Download the Herefordshire Cultural Strategy 2019-2029

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We live in an evolving and changing world and it’s essential that England’s arts and cultural landscape reflects these changes. Planning for the future makes it possible for more people to access great arts and culture, practical advice and opportunities, so we’re pleased to have supported the development of the new Herefordshire Cultural Strategy.
Peter Knott, ACE

Herefordshire Cultural Strategy 2019-2029 focuses on the arts and heritage, and includes a wide range of activity: performing arts, literature, music, crafts, visual and digital arts, photography, design, architecture, fashion along with our creative businesses, and the buildings and facilities where we access culture – museums, arts centres, theatres, churches, village halls, cinemas, libraries, archives, galleries. We include too our wonderful natural environment, gastronomy, and the creative activities that take place in our open spaces.

It runs with the grain of other county strategic plans including Herefordshire Health & Wellbeing Strategy; Invest Herefordshire; Children and Young People’s Plan etc. Importantly it provides the basis for planning and undertaking ambitious actions to bring about change, and the means for effecting that change through collaborative working, bids for funding, planning and organisation.


Priority Objectives

  1. GREAT PLACE A resilient cultural infrastructure that makes Herefordshire a great place to live, work and to visit
  2. CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE Listening to children and young people, and connecting them to culture and connectivity
  3. CREATIVE ECONOMY Building and supporting vibrant creative enterprises
  4. CULTURAL DEMOCRACY The arts and heritage are for everyone
  5. CULTURAL TOURISM Raising Herefordshire’s national and international profile
Great places are places of anchorage with a sense of stability, places of possibility, places of connection, of learning and of inspiration.
Charles Landry, 2016