Funding: BFI support for international events and conferences

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This funding scheme from the BFI helps anyone who works with 'screen-related' engagement or education to attend international conferences and events. You don't have to me working in the cinema industry to qualify, and you can apply for a maximum of £550 towards expenses.

What does the fund cover? The fund will provide support for attendance at a conference/event/seminar that is held outside of the UK for which, without the contribution of the funding, attendance would be impossible. The fund will provide a contribution towards conference fees, travel and accommodation expenses. It will not support food and beverage costs.

Who is the funding for? The funders are particularly interested in supporting practitioners who:

  •  are new to the work
  •  are working in very small organisations
  •  are freelancers
  •  wish to present at or participate in a panel discussion at the proposed event

The aims of the funding are:

  • to enable individuals to develop their practice
  • for the individual to disseminate what they have learned, and so develop practice in a wider context
  • to foster international understandings and working relationship

Retrospective applications will not be considered. Maximum award: £550. There is no minimum amount.

Funding for: attendance of international events and conferences (film, screen, cinema)

For more infomation: contact Cathy Poole at