How The Light Gets In festival: Volunteers

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HowTheLightGetsIn is fun and thoughtful in all the right ways; an arts, music and philosophy festival on the edge of Herefordshire. But in order to get a four-day festival to run smoothly, it needs volunteers who can help out with stewarding and publicity.

In exchange for working a shift, you get a staff wristband that will get you access to all kinds of gigs, talks on philosophy in tents and discounts on food. 

For infomation on volunteering at HowTheLightGetsIn 2019, and applying online, visit the festival website here

Role: Volunteering, May 24-27

Salary: Unpaid, but exchange time for a staff wristband to festival events

More information: complete the enquiry form at

volunteering at HowTheLightGetsIn 2019