FWD: May 7, 2019

Here's some of the articles and news stories that have been bouncing around our inboxes this week.

They all (hopefully) shine a light on what people are doing differently or brilliantly in the world or art, culture and heritage, or are stories that might affect people living and working in Herefordshire. Some of the stories are local, some are national, and some might be global. 

For the most part we’ll pick out three-to-five things that are going to have some kind of impact on creative people in the county. If you have suggestions, send the links to hello@the-shire.co.uk or tag us on Insta (@theshire_hfds).


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1. 24-hour access to your library from your smart device

Source: Herefordshire Council

As of right now, you can get access Herefordshire Libraries collection from your smartphone or tablet thanks to a new partnership with the BorrowBox app.

It’s pretty simple: as long as you’ve got a library card, you can add the app and download your favourite kids’ books, cooking books and audio books to read any time, anywhere.

The press release from Herefordshire Council explains more about it, as well as how to get a library card if you don’t already have one.

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4. Why highly creative people often work in pairs

Source: artsy.net

Michelle Santiago Cortés looks at why, throughout history, great art has often been the product of a creative Batman and Robin set-up. From Lennon and McCartney to Van Gogh and Gaugin’s prolific 63-day stint as room-mates, it’s a dynamic that occurs now and again.

One theory is that “…everyone falls into creative ruts, but two people rarely do so at the same time.” For the others, read the piece.

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3. Hay Festival: How to plan the perfect weekend

Source: The Telegraph

This Very Telegraph piece, gives you a Very Telegraph guide to Hay Festival from hill climbs to hospitality, with Sam Llewellyn name-checking his favourite sheep’s milk ice cream parlour and the recommending the best place to catch Germaine Greer throwing back post-talk G + Ts.

It also comes with a pretty comprehensive whistle-stop tour through Hay Festival’s 32-year history ahead of the 2019 edition later this month.

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4. Museums can play key role in climate activism

Source: museumassociation.org

Extinction Rebellion might have put climate activism on the 6 o’clock news, but here Happy Museum consultant Hilary Jenkins argues that if the revolution is not televised, it might just happen in museums and galleries across the country.

“My provocation, as a museum professional and a community activist, would be to start local.

“As place-based and connected organisations, there is huge potential for museums to respond to community concerns by convening, catalysing and supporting local activism on environmental issues.”

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5. How to choose the best training for a contemporary dance career

Source: The Stage

With Verve coming to the Courtyard this month and 2Faced Dance responsible for a whole network of contemporary dancers who started in Hereford, this makes for an interesting read for the next generation.

The Stage talks to recent grads, established dancers and choreographers about the different routes through to becoming a professional, looking at the pros and cons of postgrad companies, degrees and vocational training.

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