Moff Skellington show to open Canwood Gallery's 2019 calendar

Canwood Gallery – a recent home to many of Herefordshire’s more impressive and expressive sculptures and art pieces – is opening a little later this year.

The summer season starts at Canwood’s Checkley HQ in May. And the gallery is launching with an exhibition of paintings from Yorkshire’s Moff Skellington.

Moff is best known for his recording work, but paints with a similar sense of the absurd.

He said: "What I cannot do with paint, I do with language and sound and, of course, vice versa."


Moff’s going to be working out of Canwood for the month – and will be about to for a brew and to talk painting and bulking up on special custards.

Canwood said of the exhibition: “Moff’s images are at once familiar and strange, both in style and content. Here, everyday life is given a dreamlike intensity in which comedy and menace are present in equal measure.

“His style vacillates between sophisticated caricature and the crudely primitive. The images are sometimes rendered in the greys and blacks of 1940s film noir, or at other times in luxuriant full colour, but always an atmosphere that is distinctly ‘Moff’ pervades.”

You can check out the show Tuesday – Sunday, 11am – 4pm throughout May.