Celebrating arts, culture and heritage in Herefordshire

The Shire is the official website of Herefordshire Cultural Partnership (HCP). Right now, we're also home to the Arts Council England's Creative Pathways in the Shire project which supports volunteering and creative career opportuities around the county.

The website launched in 2018, part of the Herefordshire's a Great Place project, and is collaboratively maintained by HCP member organisations.


Herefordshire Cultural Partnership

Herefordshire Cultural Partnership (HCP) is a dynamic consortium of arts, culture and heritage groups, local government and businesses with a shared vision - celebrating this county's creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Vision

For Herefordshire to be internationally recognised as a beacon for inspirational arts and culture that enhances wellbeing.


Our Mission

To enrich the lives of all who live, work and visit Herefordshire by building on existing arts and culture programming and generating new opportunities and more engagement. To develop young people’s pride in place, confidence, creativity, skills and opportunities through inspirational arts and culture.


Our Values

We believe that arts, culture and creative engagement of many different kinds and across all art forms play an essential role in the wellbeing of everybody and enhance our lives in many positive ways, including adding to the economic vitality of the county.


We are committed to:

  • Partnership– working together we can achieve great things
  • Excellence – we are ambitious for quality and value for money
  • Diversity – we respect and seek to do the best for everybody who lives, works or visits Herefordshire
  • Resourcefulness – we make the most of what we have, take pride in resilience and welcome innovation
  • Openness – we are open and transparent in the way we work, open to opportunities, open- minded and outward looking; we are rooted in place and connected to the world

Creative Pathways in the Shire


Are you looking for volunteering opportunities in the arts? Are you interested in heritage and would love to meet like-minded people? Whether you want to map a future career, learn new skills, or have more time to follow your interests Creative Pathways has opportunities for YOU.