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Who can take part?

Anyone aged 16 and up who lives in (or near) Herefordshire.

You do not need any prior experience to volunteer. 

We welcome people who...
-are looking for work experience.
-are looking for a career change into the arts, heritage or culture sectors.
-are retired.
-wish to mentor others.
-are looking to learn new skills.
-want to get involved with their local community.

Three volunteers at Ledbury Poetry clapping and smiling

What's on offer?

Opportunities to volunteer in art, film, events, arts management, festivals, marketing, social media, digital archiving, heritage, exhibitions are provided by the Cultural Partnership in Herefordshire and supporting organisations including the following:

Ledbury Poetry, The Cathedral, The Courtyard Theatre, Herefordshire Museums and Libraries, Ledbury Places, Meadow Arts, The National Trust, Rural Media, 2faceddance

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Plus free training, events and mentoring for volunteers.
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volunteers at Ledbury Places exhibit

How does it work?

Simply register your interest in the form below, and we will talk with you about which areas you are interested in volunteering with - arts, heritage, culture, archive, film, events, marketing, art, social media, digital archiving etc. 

We will contact you to to discuss your interests, options for mentoring and any events and opportunities we have coming. You will also be signed up to our e-newsletter which will contain regular updates and opportunities. 

If there is an opportunity you would like to sign up to we will connect you with the organisation and arrange your placement. 

You can take part in as many volunteering opportunities as you like. Some are long term placements, some are one off placements and some are online.