A Who's Who of the first-ever CMYK illustration fest

We've put together a gallery of all the illustrators exhibiting at CMYK today. Because we're nice like that.

It's a group that that's both incredibly talented and incredibly varied in what it does with a pen and a piece of paper. It's also a group of well-known illustrators and design professionals drawn from across the UK exhibiting amongst artists based at least semi-locally, or with strong links to HCA.

Whether or not you're able to make it across (11am - 5pm) to Hay-on-Wye today for the talks and stalls and banter about the functionality of Adobe Illustrator on the ipad, there are at the very least some GREAT follows on Insta here. 

Have a scroll, see what you like, maybe buy something really cool.

(If you haven't already, click here to read our q + a with CMYK organiser and illustrator Nicholas Stevenson on everything from Instagram to being asked to work on your in-laws idea for a childrens' book.)

Max Lowe

Bio: "Children's book writer and illustrator and I also do other arty stuff"

Insta: @maxlowillustration

www: max-low.com

Jack Oliver Coles

Bio: "A Welsh illustrator whose work with coloured pencil employs colour and composition to create sensitive imagery that strives to educate and entertain"

Insta: @jackolivercoles

www: jackolivercoles.com

Bridie Cheeseman

Bio: "I'm a freelance illustrator based in Bournemouth"

Insta: @bridiecheeseman

www: cargocollective.com/bridiecheeseman

Christy Johnson

Bio: "I think there is an importance for both printed, physical media that you can touch and feel, as well as introducing movement and animation into the digital illustration world"

Insta: @christyjohnsonart

www: christy-johnson.com

Arabella Simpson

Bio: "An artist and illustrator who does graphic doodles and they are drawn, using sharpies and colouring crayons...drawings consist of surreal looking characters that are influenced by Cubism and Ancient art."

Insta: @arabella_simpson

www: cargocollective.com/arabellasimpson

John Broadley

Bio: "Illustration, comics, hand-made books. Clients include New York Times and Quo Vadis, Soho"

Insta: @john.broadley.77

www: john-broadley.squarespace.com

*** John's giving a talk at 11.15am ***

Em And The Earth

Bio: "Illustrator. Positive thinker."

Insta: @emandtheearthart

www: emandtheearth.com/shop

Amy Vale

Bio: "Welsh illustrator, vegan, blogger (Peony Denim), book-seller"

Insta: @amyevale

www: amyvale.com

Fiona Hitchman

Bio: "Image maker with lino print and drawings"

Insta: @fionahitchman

www: etsy.com/uk/shop/fionahitchmanstudio

Studio Fae

Bio: "Printmaking. Design. Clinets inc Warburtons and the BBC"

Insta: @studiofae

www: katiepieczenko.com

Joe Pearson (Design For Today)

Bio: "Collector and publisher, hopelessly addicted to midcentury design & lithography, the twang of Hank Williams, and the university of Penguin Books"

Insta: @designfortoday

www : designfortoday.co.uk

*** Joe's giving a talk at 4pm ***

Nicholas Stevenson

Bio: "Illustrator, in spooky old house, song man in @luckyshivers @oroswimminghour"

Insta: @nicholasillustration

www: nicholasstevenson.com

*** Read our interview with Nic ahead of the fair, here ***

Miranda Harris

Bio: "My work features landscapes which bear witness to the quieter emotional drama beneath the surface of everyday life.... I try to record these tensions and states, exploring ideas about documentation, storytelling and memory"

Insta: @miranda_harris

www: mirandaharriscouk.wordpress.com

George Hanson

Bio: "Mostly drawings"

Insta: @gergemanson

www: georgemason.onuniverse.com

Helen Cass

Bio: "Delicate and mysterious prints"

Insta: @helencass2883

www: helencass.com

Marcus Walters

Bio: "Marcus's work is easily identifiable by his reductive graphic style and colourful optimistic imagery."

Insta: @marcuswalters

www: marcuswalters.com

Jess Bugler

Bio: "Intaglio Printmaker Prize winner,  The National Original Print Exhibition,  Bankside, London, 2018"

Insta: @jessbugler1678

www: jessbugler.co.uk

Mostly Flat

Bio: "Letterpress teaching and workshops. Come get inky with me"

Insta: @mostlyflat

www: mostlyflat.co.uk

Sophie Rainbow

Bio: "Illustrator, artist, magpie"

Insta: @sophie_rainbow_illustrations

*** Sophie will be running workshops throughout the day for kids ****

Bastian Moore

Bio: "I'm here to sell you TVs"

Insta: @velocicapturing

www: etsy.com/uk/shop/VCIllustrationStore

Rhiannon Parnis

Bio: "She likes to work in a wide range of media, including inks, gouache and coloured pencil, often layered together to create a sense of atmosphere in her illustrations"

Insta: @rhiannon_parnis

www: rhiannonparnis.com